Tractor dump trailer PSM-2,5


Tractor Dump trailer PSM-2,5 is used for transportation of agricultural, communal and building equipment either on the public roads or fileds. The traileris equipped with a huge platform, which can overtun on 3 sides. It is aggregated with 1,4 traction class tratcors, which has hinged equipment TSU-1, electric equipment, pneumatic and hydro systems.


Type Semi-trailer
Traction class 0,6-1,4
Basic tractor Belarus-320
Carrying capacity 2500
Body capacity 2,5
Transportation speed, km/h 25
Working pressure in hydrosystem, Mpa up-to 16
Unloading 3-side
Breaks pneumatic
Overturn angle, degree 50
tire pressure,MPa 0,39
Curb weight,kg 800
Full weight,kg 3300
Semi-trailer dimensions,mm: -
-length with a drawbar 3820
-width 2130
-height 1560
Dimensions of working platform,mm: -
-length 2450
-width 1960
-height 500

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