Tractor watering semi-trailer PU-3,0-0,2


Tractor watering semi-trailer is used for watering roads, sidewalks, various territories, green areas. It is aggregated with 0,6-1,4 traction class tractors which has hinged equipment TSU-1, electric equipment, pneumatic and hydro systems.


Basic tractor Belarus-322,422.1
Cleaning width, m 5,5
Watering width, m 10
Average usage of water, l/m -
-washing 0,6
-при поливке 0,2-0,3
Carrying capacity,kg 3000
The size of the tank, m3 3
Curb weight,kg 520
Weight, kg 4100
Breaks barrel-pad
Dimensions,mm: -
-length with a drawbar 4100
-width 2160
-height 2140

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