Reclamation planner PLM-4,6


Reclmation planner 4,6 is used for leveling of draining lands, when this lands will be deticated to agricultural or watercultural usage on the 1-2 type of priming. Planned area should be cleaned from stones( no more than 200 mm in diameter), stumps, and it should be cultivated. Such planner can level the lands of no more than 20 m length and no more than 0,2 m height. It is aggregated with 5 traction class tractors.


Type of planner Semi-trailed
Basic machine Tractors K-700,MTZ-3022
Working width, mm 4600
Working speed, km/h 5-7
Productivity, hectares/h 2,6
Working pressure in hydrosystem, Mpa 16
The size of the ladle, m3 3,5
Weight, kg 2800
Габаритные размеры в рабочем положении,мм: -
-длина 7900
-ширина 4750
-высота 2100

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