Heap UM.T-25


Heap UM.T-25 is used for doing various planning,communal and road works,for mechanical cleaning of streets, roads and squares ( from snow as well), for doing various jobs with all friable materials. The heap must be exploitated in the temperature from -40 to +40 degrees Celsium. The Heap includes: the heap, hinged frame, legt and right beams, hinged beam and pipelines. The blade is connected to the mounting frame, which is fixed through the fingers of the right and left beams, attached to a tractor. In the lower part there is a rubber scraper blade.


Type of machinery hinged
Basic tractor T-25/30
Working speed,km/h 10
The length of the heap, mm 2000
Turning Radius, mm the same as tractor's radius
Weight,kg 300

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