Loading equipment Fp-0,25 for tractor Belarus-320


Loading equipment Fp-0,25 is installed on the tractor Belarus-320 and used for loading into carrying transport various friable, low-friable and crushed materials in agricutural, communal, constructive companies. The loader is equipped with a ladle. You can either hinge the following:

  1. A ladel, volume is 0,25 m3
  2. Loading pitchfork
  3. Heap for snow


Type of machinery Hinged
Basic tractor Belarus-320
Carrying capacity, kg 300
The size of the ladle, m3 0,25
Ladle width,m 1,2
Ladle unloading angle,degree 45
Wieking pressure in the system,Mpa 16
Ground clearance,mm 300
Weight,kg 250

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