Trailed disk harrow BPD-5MW


Mounted disk harrow BPD-5MW is required for cutting soils layers after cultivation, for seedbed preparation of soil after harvesting row crops or without harvesting at all, in oreder to look after meadows and pastures, which are clogged with no more than 10 cm stones and woody debris of 2 cm thickness. The harrow is aggregated with tractors MTZ-1523, 1221,T-150 and with all other 3 traction class tractors equipped with unit-aggregated hydraulics system.


Type of harrow trailed
Productivity, hectares/h 4,5
Working width,m 5
Working speed,km/h 9-12
The number of disks, cut-out/cut-solid 39/2
Disk diameter, mm 650/510
Disk thickness 6
The depth of cultivation, cm 20
Battery attack angle, degree 12,15,18
lifting and lowering of working parts hydraulic cylinder
Weight,kg 3000
Dimensions in transport state,mm:width 3150±100
-width 3150±100
Габаритные размеры в рабочем положении,мм: -
-length 4000±100
-width 5250±100
-height 1370±100

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