Semi-trailed disk Harrow BPD-9


Semi-trailed disc harrow BPD-9 is designed for loosening and preparing the soil for sowing, weeding, chopping crop residues. Used for cutting layers of soil after plowing of virgin lands, as well as for seedbed preparation without prior plowing, tillage after harvesting row crops tolstosheina, for the care of meadows and pastures, as well as for cutting layers of land, raised shrub-bog ploughs. Due to its weight and the unique geometry of the working body of the cutting disc diameter 650 mm, light entry of the disc into the soil, which leads to significant fuel savings when performing work


Type of harrow Semi-trailed
Aggregation no less than 350 horse power tractor
Productivity, hectares/h 15,5
Working width, m 9
Working speed, km/h 4-15
The number of disk batteries 8
The number of disks 70
Disk diameter, mm 650
Battery attack angle, degree 11,15,19
Weight, kg 7700
Dimensions in working state without tractor,mm: -
-length (with a drawbar) 9200
-width 9000
-height (on wheels) 1650
Габаритные размеры в транспортном положении без трактора,мм: -
-length (with a drawbar) 9200
-width 3095
-height 3950

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