Hinged disk heavy harrow BNT-2


Mounted disk heavy harrow BNT-2 is used for cutting soils layers which are clogged with no more than 10 cm stones and woody debris of 2 cm thickness. The harrow is aggregated with tractors MTZ-1221, 1523, T-150 and other 2 traction class tractors, equipped with unit-aggregated hydraulics system.


Type of harrow Hinged
Productivity, hectares/h 1,9
Working width, m 2,15
Working speed,km/h 8-10
Working depth,mm 18
The number of sections 8
Disk diameter, mm 650
Amount of sections 8
The number of disks 16
The number of disk batteries 4
Battery attack angle, degree 25
Weight, kg 1420
Dimensions in transport state,mm: -
-length 2410
-width 2465
-height 1400

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