Disk harrow DS-40 with rolls


Disc harrow DS-40 is used for loosening and seedbad preparation, grinding residue. It is used for cutting the soil layers after plowing of virgin land for seedbed preparation without preliminary plowing, for soil cultivation after harvesting row crops, in order to care for the meadows and pastures, as well as for the cutting of land formations, raised shrub bog plows. Harrow is aggregated with tractors MTZ-1221,1522,1523, T-150 and other tractors class 3 ts, equipped with unit-hydraulic system.


Type of harrow Дисковая
Productivity, hectares/h 3,5
Working width, m 3,95
Working speed, km/h 9-12
The number of disks, cut-out/cut-solid 31/2
Disk diameter, mm 650/510
The depth of cultivation, cm 20
Battery attack angle, degree 9,12,15,18
Weight, kg 3150

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