Trailed disk reclamation Harrow BPM-5


Trailed disk reclamation harrow BPM-5 is used for loosening lands, which have been cleared from forest bushes, clogged with small stones and woody debries, for cutting soil layers. The harrow is aggregated with 5 traction class tractors and can be used in all soil-climate zones. It is now widely used for cleaning areas near oil stations, under electricity transmission lines, and in agricultural sphere.


Type of harrow semi-trailed
Aggregation no less than 300 horse power tractors
Productivity, hectares/h 3,55
Working width, m 5,0
The number of disks batteries 4
The number of disks 20
Disk diameter, mm 1000
Battery attack angle, degree 11-18
Working speed, km/h 4.2-10.3
Weight, kg 7800
Length,mm 9500
-Width,mm 5000
Height,mm 2300
Конструктивная масса, кг, не более 8450

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