Hinged disk reclamation Harrow BDN-3,0M


Hinged disk reclamation harrow BDN-3,0M is used for loosening lands, which have been cleared from forest bushes, clogged with small stones and woody debries, to a depth of 0.3 m from the reservoir to the turnover of 100-130 degrees, littered with wood remnants of thickness up to 0.1 m and small stones up to 0.2 m. The harrow is aggregated with tractors MTZ-3022, 2822, K-701 and other 5 traction class tractors. The working parts are round cut-out disks, which are grouped into 6 sections, 2 disks in each.


Type of harrow hinged
Productivity, hectares/h 2,0
Working width, m 2,9
The depth of cultivation, cm 15-30
The number of disk batteries 6
The number of disks 12
Disk diameter, mm 1000
Distance between disks,mm: -
-передние дисковые батареи 425
-задняя дисковая батарея 520
Battery attack angle, degree 20-25,25-30
Рабочая скорость перемещения,км/ч 4,2-10,3
Транспортная скорость,км/ч 15
Weight, kg 3200
Length/Width/Height, мм -
-length 4200±50
-width 3210±30
-height 1900±20

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