About the company

Public corporation “Minskagroprommash plant”– it is a company, situated in the Republic of Belarus, Minsk, which produces a wide range of products for cultivating soils as well as communal machinery for various land works.

The company has been leading its history since 1946, when first central repairing-mechanical workshops were established, in order to produce and retrofit standard and non-standard machinery. In 1972, It was re-established into Minsk experimental mechanical plant. In fourth of December, 2002, it was renamed into republican unitary company “Minskagroprommash plant”. In March, 2009, the company was reorganized into Public corporation “Minskagroprommash plant”. In February 2016, the company celebrated its 44 anniversary.

During each period of time, the plant was producing a wide range of machinery for various purposes. Soon after the war and during the period of active land reclamation such machines as mowers, bulldozers, diggers, semi-trailers were released. For the needs of road and forestry workers rollers, heavy trailers, compressors, machines for cutting fittings, agricultural machinery, etc, were produced.


During the last few years, the company has been concentrating its power on producing machinery for cleaning roads and smaller territories, mechanisms for working the soils. Our machine UM.T-80( hinged equipment for cleaning roads), no matter how high the competition is, has steady demand not only among our communal services, but among our road workers, republican industrials. What is more, it still has a high demand in Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries.

The company was the first in the country who started producing disk harrows. Nowadays, there are 16 modifications with the width from 1,7 m to 7 m for all tractors. All harrows are of a good quality and high level of safety.

The company is always increasing the quality and quantity of products, having made a significant jump during the last 10 years.

The Company is always occupying itself with developing and deploying new technologies. Only during the last five years the production of semi-trailers PSM-2.5 and PU-3.0-0.1, heavy trailer PSM-4,5 were mastered. What is more, such machinery as loading equipment on the base of MTZ-82 and Belarus-320 tractors, disk harrow DS-40, which does not have any analogue in the world, disk reclamation harrow BGN-3,0M, sweeping machines MP-2,5M.

The company offers:

  • Creating joint production;
  • Developing new products, as well working with your special demands;
  • Producing and delivering agricultural and communal machinery;