About the company

JSC “MINSKAGROPROMMASH PLANT” is a specialized enterprise of the Republic of Belarus for the production of tillage aggregates and municipal equipment.

The company traces its history back to 1946, when the Central Mechanical Repair Workshops (CRMM) were established for the production and repair of standard and non-standard earthmoving and land management equipment in the post-war years. In 1972, the CRMM was transformed into the Minsk Experimental Mechanical Plant (MOEMZ), on December 4, 2002 it was renamed the Republican Unitary Enterprise “Minskagroprommash Plant”. In March 2009, the plant was reorganized into an Open joint-stock company and is the legal successor of RUE “Plant Minskagroprommash”. In February 2022, JSC “MINSKAGROPROMMASH PLANT” turns 50 years old.

In each specific period of time, based on the requests of the national economy, the plant produced different equipment. Immediately after the war and during the period of intensive land reclamation, mowers, bulldozers, diggers, semi-trailers-heavy trucks were produced. For the needs of road workers and forestry workers, asphalt rollers, heavy-duty trailers, mobile compressor units, PR-26 trailers, rebar cutting machines, earthmoving equipment, etc. were produced.

In recent years, the plant has concentrated its main forces on the production of machines for cleaning roads and territories, tillage equipment. Our machine UM. T-80 (attachments for the maintenance of territories and roads), despite the fierce competition, is in steady demand not only in urban housing and communal services, but also among road builders, industrialists of Belarus. There is still a great demand for it from enterprises of the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus, Serbia, the Czech Republic, and Moldova.

The plant was the first in the republic to master the production of mounted, trailed and reclamation disc harrows, which are produced with a working width from 1.7 to 9 meters for any tractor, which are of high quality and reliability.

The plant is constantly engaged in the development and development of new equipment. Only over the past 5 years, the production of a sweeping machine that has no analogues in the world, a sweeping machine MP-2.5 M, a reclamation harrow BDN-3.0 M, a trailed disc harrow BPD-9, a combined tillage unit APC-9, a deep-dredger GRT-4B, a forest harrow BL-2.5 has been mastered.

The design department of the enterprise is constantly actively working on the development and manufacture of new equipment. Every year JSC “Plant Minskagroprommash” releases a new product and thereby fuels the interest of its regular and future customers.

The plant offers:

mastering the production of the products you are interested in on the premises of our factory according to your or our development;

manufacture and supply of tillage, municipal and other equipment.