Agricultural machinery for agriculture


Having own land, field, private house, the owner can not do without auxiliary tools. Belarusian agricultural machinery – technical devices that allow you to work quickly, efficiently on the field, in the garden, in the yard. They facilitate labor by mechanizing many processes that were previously performed manually. There is agricultural machinery intended for land-improvement tasks, agriculture, and also for animal husbandry.

Agricultural machinery of Belarus is divided into the following types:

  • Ground treatment. This includes a plow, roller, harrow and others.
  • Sowing. Seeders of all kinds, transplanters.
  • Care of crops. Cultivator, drifter, thinner, sprayer.
  • Watering. Watering, rain machines.
  • Fertilization. Spreaders, equipment for applying solid, liquid feeding.
  • Cleaning. Mower, tractor, combine.
  • Pet care. Rake, milking machine, feeder, chopper, loaders, combines.
  • Reclamation works. Devices for drainage systems, irrigation canals.

Additional equipment for Belarusian agricultural equipment

Manufacturers of agricultural equipment offer to purchase additional equipment that will increase the performance of tractors, combines and other vehicles. For example, a tractor is capable of performing various functions in the presence of special units. He not only transports, transports cargo, but also participates in cleaning works, helps in construction. Used bulldozers, blades, brushes.

Thanks to the additional units, the device will not stand idle: it can be used in all types of work. And it will help you save on the care, repair, and purchase of expensive equipment, when you can implement everything in one device, using different devices.

Accessories and spare parts for different manufacturers of agricultural equipment

Even the most powerful, high-quality equipment requires inspection, and sometimes repair. Heavy loads, daily use, often around the clock work affect the rapid wear of parts. Therefore, the equipment is able to fail at the wrong time, when all work is in full swing. In order not to lose the crop, not to suffer losses, to fully care for animals, purchase spare parts and accessories. If they are on hand, then at any time you can replace the broken part with a new one.

Buy agricultural equipment on the official website. In the same place look for suitable accessories. It:

  • Spare parts.
  • Cutting parts – electric saws, knives.
  • Trailers.
  • Equipment for tillage and more.

You will be able to purchase additional items for attachments, harrows, electric saws, sweepers, other equipment.

Where to order maintenance of agricultural machinery

Agricultural machines are operated in difficult conditions, often used for its intended purpose. Application may be unsafe if the equipment fails, has broken parts. Service is best entrusted to qualified craftsmen who are well versed in all the nuances of the devices, capable of performing even the most complex repairs. Remember that the safety of its use depends on the quality of the repair, on the reliability of the equipment.

Order service at the beginning of the season before you make the first field work. Keep the units in good working order, so that they can always come to the rescue, serve correctly, do not let them down. After all, the implementation of the schedule of work, material stability depends on it. Without the annual maintenance of the equipment comes into disrepair at times faster. Contact our specialists – we are ready to provide any services, diagnose the condition of transport, replace parts, modernize units.