Harrow Disc Manufacturers


Land reclamation harrow is intended for cultivation of agricultural lands. With its help, land is cleared from shrubs, turning soil layers, loosening and other operations. The working bodies of the mounted harrow are metal cut-out discs assembled in sections of 2-12 pieces. With proper operation and regular maintenance, the discs can last from 1 to 5 years. However, in practice, these elements must be replaced after each season due to deformation or excessive wear. The Minskagroprommash plant sells harrow disks at competitive prices of its own production.

European manufacturers of discs for harrows

The leading manufacturers of accessories for reclamation harrows are the European corporations QUIVOGNE (France) and GREGOIRE-BESSON (Hungary). Both companies are leaders in the production of agricultural equipment and spare parts for it. “Minskagroprommash Plant” produces analogs of disks of these companies, which are not inferior to the originals in any way, which allows us to guarantee high quality products and affordable prices.

Disks for a harrow Kivon

The range includes light and heavy disks, as well as accessories for disc-paw equipment. The most popular wheels are APAXR-GL (wide grip), APFL FLEO-FLEO, MONODISC, TINEMASTER

Advantages of Quivogne discs:

  • processing depth from 18 to 45 cm;
  • high productivity and working speed;
  • mixing soil treatment;
  • moderate wear;
  • soil moisture preservation.

The equipment is made of high quality metal using innovative technologies. For coating, special anti-corrosion compounds are used that do not harm the soil.

Gregory Besson Wheels

The reclamation harrow is equipped with “X” and “V” – shaped disk elements of this manufacturer. The company offers the widest selection of discs with different working widths, aggregation method. The devices have a smooth or notched shape, and their diameter is 510-660 mm.

Benefits of Gregorie Besson discs:

  • high wear resistance;
  • lack of breakup furrows at work;
  • simple mounting mechanism;
  • high degree of self-cleaning.

Our company offers reclamation discs, the purchase of which is carried out by reservation. All delivered products have the necessary certificates and quality certificates. Each batch of goods before being sent to the buyer is tested. Our managers will help you choose wheels for different models of harrows.