Помощь в реабилитации ребенка от ОАО “Завод Минскагропроммаш”


OJSC “Plant Minskagroprommash” always tries to help the young citizens of our country who are unable to cope with the disease they inherited at birth. And the following case was no exception.

Varvara Nazarevich, a sweet and cheerful girl who, however, has to fight for her life every day because of a serious illness – spinal muscular atrophy (SMA) of the 2nd degree. This disease belongs to the group of genetically determined, leading to the progressive development of muscle weakness and their atrophy.

Treatment is possible only with the expensive imported drug Spinrase, the cost of which exceeds 700,000 thousand dollars. The Nazarevich family itself is not able to provide treatment and they need our help.

You can find the details for help at the following link: http://varvara.by/

OJSC “Plant Minskagroprommash” has already made its contribution and asks you not to stand aside! Let’s all together make one man happy and healthy!

помощь ребенку