Why is agricultural technology one of the priority areas in the Republic of Belarus?


Over the past decade, the Republic of Belarus has gradually and faithfully strengthened its positions in the world arena, including in the production of agricultural machinery. Not without reason among the local population of many countries you can find the phrase: “agricultural machinery Belarus” – and it’s deserved, because we are exporting our own production equipment to more than 50 countries around the world.

Surely you have a question “Where to buy agricultural machinery”?
agricultural machinery of BelarusIt is always ready to help you in the purchase of agricultural and soil-cultivating machinery JSC “Plant Minskgasprommash.” For more than 40 years our organization has been engaged in the production and trade of agricultural machinery, in particular tillage harvester units ranging from 1.7 meters to 9 meters wide, which show themselves well both in domestic fields and abroad. The plant carries out a full range of production and production, thanks to which the customers of OJSC “Minskgroprommash plant” can be sure that they receive high-quality equipment that will serve them for more than one year and not one hundred hectares of agricultural land.

On our official website of agricultural machinery, you can always get acquainted with the latest products, order the already proven equipment, and consult on all the questions you have. In addition to the information part, you can always use our site as an online store of agricultural machinery, and order the spare parts and machinery you need as soon as possible. And for our agricultural workers, who are interested every day, where “buying agricultural equipment,” we are always ready to advise them on mobile and city telephones. We will be glad to further cooperation with you!