Overview of snow dumps


In winter, snow creates the biggest problems for public utilities, and cleaning streets and roads is their first priority. Large enterprises also need to clean their territories and open warehouses from snow blockages. A snow blade installed on various equipment will solve this problem quickly and effectively.


City utilities most often use dumps mounted on the Belarus tractor (MTZ). These reliable cars are effectively used for cleaning streets and sidewalks using attachments.

Dumps for MTZ allow to clear any open spaces from snow and ice. They are a metal construction similar in shape to a snow shovel and are attached to the front of the tractor. The lower part of these aggregates is bent in a half-arc, this shape allows you to effectively remove snow from the surface of streets and sidewalks.


These units are classified by the method of rotation:

  • rotary – raising and lowering are performed by hydraulic cylinders, and the blade is rotated manually;
  • hydroturn – hydraulic cylinders control all the actions of the blade. The possibility of such adjustment of the blade greatly increases productivity.

Blades differ in shape. There are simple ones that have a concave rectangular shape, and there are 2 parts consisting of them with an adjustable angle between them. The lower part of all dumps is equipped with flexible knives made of reinforced rubber, which can be removed if necessary. They prevent the blade from being damaged by sharp bumps and work well on bumps on the road. Reinforced rubber, thanks to the base of the steel cable, lasts a long time and does not crack even in severe frosts.

A universal double-sided blade can be installed on the tractor: one side serves for snow removal, the other is a dump to the tractor with removable metal knives. This side of the product allows not only to perform simple soil work, but also copes with the ice that forms in the winter during thaws.

But for complex work with the soil, as well as for cleaning heavily packed blockages of snow and ice, it is better to use a one-sided dozer blade to the tractor. It has a shovel reinforced with additional longitudinal profiles, replaceable wear-resistant knives and a boxed sturdy drawbar, which makes it easy to break even ice.

The dimensions of any blade should correspond to the power of the tractor on which they are installed, and the scope of the proposed work. Then the removal of snow and ice will be most effective.


It is not necessary to use special equipment to clear snow sediments on the territory of large enterprises. In addition to the tractor, a snow blade can even be attached to a loader. For example, for open storage rooms, you can use a forklift truck, which is always available in the warehouse, as a vehicle for installing this device.

The blade to the loader is mounted on its forks and attached to the carriage with a chain. The angle of its inclination can be adjusted within 45 °. The bottom edge is also protected by a removable knife made of reinforced rubber. The blade can be installed on the front loader, and on the backhoe loader. But for each type of equipment you need to purchase the appropriate design of this product.

Two-sided universal dumps, similar in design to those mounted on the tractor, can also be installed on the loader. However, both sides are intended exclusively for public works. Heavy bulldozer operations are not allowed.

The production of dumps and their subsequent implementation is one of the activities of our plant. Blades manufactured by our company 1.8 m wide are installed on the MTZ-422 tractor with a working speed of 10 km / h. They are performed in rotary and hydroturn versions and can be installed at an angle of 60 and 90 degrees. These products can be used for cleaning snow and ice both in public utilities and on the premises of enterprises.