Attachments for municipal vehicles – how to choose?


In the CIS countries remain tractors “Belarus”. The owners of such equipment have the opportunity to improve it, to make it functional. Also increase the efficiency of the units involved in the utility sector, at construction or agricultural facilities. In each case, you will need to purchase attachments for the tractor, taking into account the upcoming tasks. This will save on the purchase of expensive special vehicles, while achieving the same results during operation.
Why use attachments
The tractor belongs to the universal special equipment, which can be used for different tasks:
• transportation of bulky and bulk cargo;
• cleaning urban roads and territories;
• on construction sites.
To perform all these functions, you only need to change the equipment. It can be intended for standard models and separately for mini tractors. It will also differ in its operations, ways of hanging, dimensions. The performance indicator of a tractor with different quick-detachable equipment is also not a constant value.
At the same time, all attached equipment Belarus is considered to be of high quality, with reliable factory assembly. The units are tested in operation and serve for a long time if used correctly. Regular maintenance should also be carried out.
Types of attachments from the manufacturer
Attaching additional snap-ins allows you to increase the number of operations per machine. Accordingly, it is an opportunity to save on the acquisition of various types of equipment, but not to lose in the quality and speed of the tasks performed. For “Belarusians” in the standard version the following awnings are offered.
• Dump for utility work. It is hung in front or behind, and is also capable of turning in different directions. Provides effective cleaning of streets, yards from snow.
• Road cleaning brushes. Used to clean the streets from dust accumulations in the summer, dirt at the time of spring thawing of snow, fallen leaves in the fall. The equipment is mounted behind the tractor.
• Watering devices. Used for communal purposes in spring and summer. Provide watering flower beds in parks, green lawns in the municipal area, washing roads.
• Front loading equipment. These are buckets which are hung in front of the tractor. With their help, bulk materials and dimensional pieces are loaded / unloaded. The structure of this design includes the bucket itself, the frame and the hydraulic cylinder.
• Dozer blades. They can be fixed, hydraulically rotated and specially designed for cleaning snow from the territory. Such hinged equipment for the tractor Belarus is used not only by utilities, but also by representatives of the construction and industrial area.
In housing and utilities, dumps with a front or rear hitch are most often used. They can be of mechanical and hydraulic type, and also have a width of 2.8 or 2.5 m. If the control is carried out using hydraulics, then you can set the level of the canopy above the ground – ground clearance. When choosing such devices takes into account their weight from 300 to 330 kg. Install dumps can be at a right angle or at 60 °. This will allow the unit not only to clear the snow from the roads, but also to level the soil on construction sites or to be involved in the repair and construction works on the roads.
Additional equipment and its maintenance
Buyers are offered options for attachments manufactured by Minskagroprommash. Units are intended for the municipal sphere, are selected for standard equipment. Differ in dimensions, weight, functions. They can be controlled hydraulically or connected to a power shaft. Allowed to be used at any time of year to maintain roads, parks, pavements in a clean state.
Organizations that decide to buy attachments for a tractor in Minsk can count on affordable prices and additional discounts for bulk orders. Any mounted unit is amenable to mechanical repair, which is also important. Also has a warranty from the manufacturer.