Communal equipment


The cleanliness of city streets, roads, landscaping parks and public gardens are monitored by utilities. In their arsenal, not only the working composition, but also special equipment. With the help of special equipment, storm drains on roadsides are maintained in order, garbage from residential areas is removed, and sewage drains are cleaned. Cleaning fallen leaves, branches or snow is also included in the task of special transport.
Given the load and the constant use of such units, buyers are trying to purchase products from proven plants. If you need to buy utility equipment, pay attention to the assortment of JSC Plant Minskagroprommash. The company specializes in wheeled vehicles, which is useful:
• in the municipal economy;
• can be used by farmers;
• Will be useful on construction sites.
Functional equipment from the manufacturer
Self-propelled devices with the possibility of hanging additional equipment become functional and profitable in operation. If the service area is small, then city services will not need to purchase several different machines. It is enough to choose one unit and different sheds to it.
• Brushes for sweeping roads – are used to clean debris on carriageways, sidewalks, and grounds. Also used for cleaning dry snow. Equipped with support wheels on pneumatic operation.
• Dozer blades – designed for powerful tractors and small-sized equipment. Involved in the ditches and trenches, in the garbage collection, leveling the soil at the sites. The heap itself may come into contact with hard, stony, and loose soil. At the same time it will not remain damage from operation. According to its structure, the canopy can be mechanical and hydraulically rotated.
• Equipment for loading operations – will interest not only utilities, but also industrial enterprises. The manufacturer offers a hardened design with a convenient removable mechanism. The hinged frame is equipped with a roomy bucket for transportation of bulk materials, soil, cleaning of small construction waste. The bucket form itself is also designed so that the bulk materials collected remain in it until unloading. The position of the boom and bucket is adjusted by means of hydraulics.
• Dumps for snow removal – allow leveling the site for construction or after repair of underground utilities. Road services also use this equipment in the process of repairing carriageways. During the period of snowfall, communal equipment with dumps can be found in any part of Minsk or another city. The canopy is controlled by hydraulics, and the shovel itself is set at different angles to the ground.
• Sand spreaders – used during the ice period for sprinkling pedestrian areas and carriageways. Equipped with a spacious tank, wheeled chassis, reliable trailed frame. Aggregated with tractors or other wheeled vehicles, which has a hitch.
Any of the listed sheds is suitable for use together with the Belarus tractors, which are popular in the communal and agricultural sector. Each unit is amenable to repair, which saves on the purchase of new equipment in case of technical problems. The quality of municipal equipment is confirmed by a guarantee from the manufacturer on the material, assembly and operation.
High-quality equipment at an affordable cost.
Machinery that is used daily in the public utilities should be distinguished by reliable assembly, functionality, performance. All units of production of the Minskagroprommash plant meet the listed characteristics. Repair kits can be found for any device, which simplifies maintenance.
The price established for factory products is controlled by the manufacturer and is considered profitable for most buyers. All equipment is adapted to the local climate and is suitable for use in any season. Also designed for heavy loads, so “not afraid” of premature wear. The main condition for the operation of any equipment remains timely maintenance.