How to choose the right harrow for the tractor


The cultivation of agricultural land is an important stage, which allows to achieve a decent harvest. Future plants need to provide normal conditions for their growth and maturation. In this matter, the selection of technical equipment is of great importance (you have to take into account the composition of the soil and its structure).

In spring, the fields need to be leveled, weeds destroyed and seeds sown in the soil. In autumn, it is necessary to make the crop residues turn into organic fertilizer after harvesting. They are crushed and mixed in the upper soil layer, initiating the decomposition process.


Among the most common types of tillage equipment is a plow and harrow – for example, a tooth, mesh or disk. The most effective of them – the BDN harrow – serves for the following purposes:

  • chopping stubble and weed roots;
  • mixing the topsoil;
  • breaking lumps;
  • land leveling after plowing.

The processing depth is changed by setting the harrow discs to a larger or smaller angle of attack. It is possible to transfer equipment from the working position to the transport one and vice versa by means of the hinged system that the base tractor has.


Disc harrows are divided into sectional (old version) and disk drives (new version – on an individual rack). In the first case, all disks are located on the same shaft, that is, assembled into a “battery”. These units have a low cost and are difficult to maintain (due to the features of this design, plant residues are wound on a shaft). Discs are devoid of this drawback, but cost the buyer more.

Information for users: a two-section mounted disc harrow is often used for processing dense fields prepared for winter. With the use of a discator, there is no need for the original plowing of the soil, which gives significant savings in time.

Note that the disk model on an individual rack is equipped with 2, 3 or 4 rows of disks. Using the last of these options allows you to reduce the number of passes of equipment in the field. At the same time, the 3-row version has a large working width, and it combines the advantages of two neighboring models.

When buying equipment, you should pay attention to the diameter of the disks and the distance between them. With a larger diameter, the tillage will be deeper (the optimum value is considered to be a depth of 10 to 15 cm). You can purchase a unit with a special cultivating paw. Thanks to this addition, the soil will be processed more evenly. In addition, a similar result can be achieved by choosing a harrow that has a special overlap between the front discs.

According to the pressure exerted on the soil, heavy harrows are distinguished (with a row depth of up to 20 cm), as well as medium and light. All this equipment should be unpretentious in maintenance and sufficiently maneuverable.


If you do not know where to buy a harrow in Belarus, we recommend that you contact Minskagroprommash with this problem. There is a sufficient selection of units for tillage, which are in high demand. You will be advised on issues that usually arise when choosing the optimal model of technology. All criteria will be taken into account – the type of soil, the individual technology of its processing, as well as the traction class of your tractor. Specialists of the enterprise carry out adjustment of equipment and its further maintenance during operation. The buyer receives guarantees that the equipment will work without fail.