How Belarussian “Bisons” conquered Russian fields


Bisons are believed to be not only the greatest example of Belarussian biological variety, but it is also considered to be the symbol of the country. Hardly can You imagine how such beast helps our friends from Russian Federation to cultivate soils. The truth is that all lands and soils are cultivated by a hinged disk harrow BMP-5- “Bison”, which is aggregated with tractors 300 h.p. and higher. Such monster was made to loose lands and cut soil layers. And its empowered constrcution and tempered spherific disks provide the harrow with the opportunity to function in any weather and soil condition.In order to prove our words, we would like to demonstrate a letter from one of customer- Eco-farm “Green Square”-led by Mr. Konstantin Liynov, who has been exploiting the harrow for more than 3 years.”In general, the harrow has completed with the task. During the season we were able to cultivate and pick up more than 400 Hectares  of overgrown fileds”-says Konstantin. You can observe the whole letter lower, after the video. And, dont forget to watch a video dedicated to work of the Harrow!