Where and how to buy utility equipment in Belarus


The cleanliness of the territory and the comfort of living in a big city are impossible without utility technology. Special machines and equipment carry out a wide range of work, including maintenance of sewage and drainage systems, cleaning streets, clearing roads from snow and ice, spraying anti-slip mixtures and taking out garbage. The use of multifunctional modern technology allows to reduce the proportion of heavy manual labor, to increase the efficiency, speed and quality of work.

Features of the choice of municipal equipment

Companies selling utility equipment offer a large selection of machines and equipment of domestic and foreign manufacturers. For the effective use of technical means is very important for what region they are intended. The functionality, technical characteristics and operating conditions of the models should correspond to the climatic zone where they will be used.
When choosing a manufacturer, special attention should be paid to domestic technology. The advantages of this option include the adaptation of equipment to the conditions of the region, affordability of prices, qualified service with repairs and timely deliveries of the necessary spare parts. Domestic equipment provides for much less financial costs for its maintenance and operation as compared with foreign analogues.

When choosing a municipal equipment, it is also necessary to take into account its functionality, technical indicators, service life, reliability of components and assemblies. Domestic cars are not inferior to foreign units in their operational characteristics, are considered the best option for price and quality, are guaranteed by the manufacturer. A large selection of models makes it easy to choose the most suitable special equipment for the needs of consumers.

A wide selection of municipal equipment in “Minskagroprommash”

The Minskagroprommash plant offers a wide choice of models of municipal equipment in Belarus. In the company directory you can pick up:

  • cleaning dumps and other elements of attachments for tractors;
  • bulldozers and brush equipment;
  • sweepers and sweepers;
  • sand spreaders to fight snow and ice;
  • universal loading and unloading equipment.

For the convenience of choosing a technique for each model, a detailed description of its characteristics and functions is provided. In the production of machines using modern equipment, innovative technologies and high-quality materials. Municipal machinery meets the high requirements of state standards, flawlessly performs its functions throughout its service life.

Selection of utility equipment for tractors Belarus

Our company offers to buy high-quality attachments for the tractor. Depending on the tasks assigned to different models of Belarus tractors, you can pick up loading buckets, snow piles, chemical mixers, brushes for cleaning roads and streets. These devices come with a special mounting kit for mounting equipment, help to optimize the processes of cleaning the area.

When buying attachments for a tractor, you should pay attention to the versatility of the device for performing various types of work, materials and workmanship, the absence of factory defects and mechanical damage. Particularly strong and high-quality should be the surface in contact with the ground. Equipment “Minskagroprommash” has a high maneuverability and stability, easily copes with the tasks in difficult conditions. This is an excellent choice of reliable technology.