Spare parts

Processing fields, inspecting land, caring for animals and plants – all this requires the availability of reliable agricultural machinery capable of withstanding impressive loads and round the clock work. On its quality depends the level of profitability of the enterprise, profit and, accordingly, the success of the business.

But the technique of even the highest quality can not withstand the loads and fail. To replace and return the equipment to working order, you need to order quality spare parts. You can buy everything necessary for repair and do not overpay for the services of an intermediary, for this it is worth making an order in the company “Plant Minskgasprommash.”

The manufacturer’s catalog includes the following products:

  • Communal machinery and soil-processing equipment;
  • Trailers and semitrailers;
  • Spare parts for agricultural machinery;
  • Knives and electric saws.


  • Sweepers;
  • Hinged, trailed and meliorative harrows;
  • Electric saws;
  • Attachments.


The company is the first in the Republic of Belarus production, the main activity of which is the manufacture of hinged, meliorative and trailed harrows, as well as spare parts for them. To date, the company produces more than 12 varieties of disc harrows, the width of which is from 1.7 m to 9 m.

Despite the tough competition that is present in the modern market, the goods are in demand among buyers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and the Baltic countries. Such trust is due to the fact that all the parts offered by the manufacturer for agricultural machinery comply with the declared characteristics and are made of reliable, time-tested materials. Moreover, each product must undergo a thorough pre-sale inspection and be certified. The factory “Minskagroprommash” takes care of its customers. Therefore, the manufacturer regularly holds shares and provides impressive discounts.