Sand Spreader is a special communal equipment to effectively combat ice and snow. It evenly and economically spreads fine sand, salt mixtures, loose materials.

Features of the sand spreader design

The main working organ is represented by a scattering drum. When sand gets to it from the bunker, then dispersion begins along the road, yard or sidewalk. The mixture is completely emptied thanks to the trapezoid bunker.

The construction of the sand spreader is qualitative and simple. It takes several minutes to install the equipment. The sand spreader is simple, therefore it is easier to control the amount of material used. Buy sand spreader is available not only for sand, but also for salt, as well as other anti-ice products.

Use with technique

Sand spreader is a trailed technique . He works in tandem with motoblocks, as well as cars equipped with a towbar. In addition, the sand spreader, whose price is quite acceptable, is installed on traction tractors. Due to the compactness of the spreader system, the machine becomes more manoeuvrable, which increases its efficiency in confined spaces. A hinged sand spreader works productively with the tractor, since less engine power is needed.

The sand spreader is an indispensable technique . Due to the large volume of the hopper, the workflow is significantly optimized. As a result, productivity increases.