Electric saws PRT-2 are used for share cutting of carcasses of cattle and pigs on carcasses. Predominantly used by employees of meat-packing plants of small, medium capacity in the shops of primary (primary) processing of livestock.

The principle of action of the electrolux PRT-2

The device consists of:

  • A powerful AIR of an asynchronous electric motor,
  • Housing, with crankshaft installed on it,
  • Canvas, which performs forward-return motion when cutting carcasses.

The device operates by a rotating crank mechanism, which functions due to the rotation of the motor. The key serves as the connecting mechanism of the motor shaft and eccentric. One edge of which slides toward the beam, and the other is attached to the rod. The lower part of the saw is closed by a pallet – there is a lubricating oil in it. If you need to replace the parts – they can also be ordered on the site. A protective shutdown device is not included.

Advantages of electroplast PRT-2

The main advantage of the device is a competitive price. The electric saw is easy to use due to the installed handles. She copes with the task quickly enough. In the usual state, an hour is sawed from 125 or more carcasses of cattle and at least 150 carcasses of pigs.