Chopping saws PRT-1

Band saw PRT-1 is intended for operations on longitudinal sawing of carcasses of cattle and pigs on carcasses. Saws of this modification are widely used for primary processing at meat processing enterprises.

Technical parameters and features of the saw

  • The device is equipped with an asynchronous electric motor, designed for a two-phase voltage of 380 V.
  • The shaft of the armature of the electric motor is directly connected to a special reducer of the gear type.
  • The reducer is designed to reduce the force on the engine and provide the necessary torque.
  • The gears of the reducer are made of hard grades of steel and rotate in a special lubricant in a closed aluminum casing.
  • The gear shaft is docked with an actuator.
  • The mechanism is a metal frame with rollers on which the ribbon rotates.
  • The length of the canvas is 2945 mm, the time it takes to cut one animal carcass equals 15 -20 s.
  • The cutting device has a special system for quick change of the working element and screw for stretching.

Additional data for saws PRT-1

The overall dimensions of the saw are 1390/550 mm in length and width, respectively. The tool is designed to work in high humidity conditions and therefore has a protection level IP 44 of the third class, in accordance with the European standard.

To order and buy saws PRT-1 it is possible directly from the manufacturer of JSC “Zavod MINSKAGROPROMMASH”.