Trailers and semi-trailers

The most useful and most popular equipment for agricultural machinery is the trailer. This type of special equipment is widely used in municipal, municipal economy. Trailer allows you to effectively transport a variety of agricultural goods for certain distances.

Trailer advantage

  • Trailers for agricultural machinery have increased maneuverability . Buying this type of equipment, you can save money on buying a separate truck.
  • Trailers used for agricultural and communal purposes have a high degree of reliability . They have high sides, which allows you to transport bulk materials to any distance without losses in the fields and domestic bumpy roads.
  • Trailers have a reliable , and most importantly, durable construction . The sides are made of metal and covered with high-quality paint, which for a long time will protect against corrosion. Some models are equipped with a capacious platform with a three-sided rollover capability.

Scope of application

Technics for tractors can be used to solve a huge number of tasks. Due to their multifunctionality, trailers reduce costs, increase harvesting productivity, and reduce the number of combines and machines needed in the field.

We have trailers for transportation of agricultural products, as well as for irrigation. A large tank holds 3 cubic meters of water. The trailer for irrigation is used on fields, roads, sidewalks.