Planners PLM


Land reclamation or agro-work with soil requires the use of specialized equipment, without which it is practically impossible to qualitatively solve this issue. One of the most effective ways is to involve a planner of land planners. This kind of equipment copes with a whole range of land works:

  • Alignment of large land plots.
  • Improving the quality of layouts.
  • Increase accuracy.
  • Shortening the time for cultivating the land.


The operation of the device is provided in conjunction with a tractor of the 5th class. During one pass, the machine can fully process up to 4.6 meters of land. A unique feature of such equipment is its high productivity. In just 8 hours of working time, the planner can process up to 12 hectares of land. Thus, the agricultural sector will be able to carry out a significant amount of work in a short period of time. Thanks to the special equipment design, high leveling of microrelief deformations is achieved, even those lands where the working equipment is deployed or in the corners of the site are cultivated. In addition, the passage of the planner allows you to identify those or other areas where you need to add soil. Thus, an improvement in the quality of the planning of the land fund is achieved. Separately, it is worth mentioning the possibility of working at almost any time of the year, since the operating conditions provide for the normal operation of the device at temperatures from -5 to +50 degrees Celsius. You can purchase this equipment, as well as various units for agricultural and land reclamation, in the company MINSKAGROPROMMASH ZAVOD OJSC, the price and advice on choosing equipment can be obtained by calling: +375 17 373-28-66, +375 17 208-49 -95, +375 29 601-44-07 or by mail