loading equipment

Among the most labor-intensive works in rural, communal services, construction, in many production processes in the industry is the loading of small-sized materials into vehicles, including loose and fine-grained materials. Optimum solution to the problem of speeding up and simplifying these works, reducing labor costs and increasing productivity will be helped by the proposed loading equipment, which is characterized by considerable economy at high efficiency.

Multifunctional loading and unloading equipment

The equipment presented in the catalog for loaders differ operational reliability, necessary strength and multifunctionality. With their help, loading and unloading, site layout, and other works can be efficiently executed. The offered equipment for loaders is stable, with the constructively provided ability to perform work in conditions of a considerably rough terrain with various (up to unfavorable) surface conditions.

Loading equipment reduces the cost of work

Buy the loading equipment of the plant “Minskgasprommash” – means not only to speed up, simplify all the work performed, but also significantly reduce their price. With compact overall dimensions, small own weight (taking into account also attachments), loaders are able to perform large volumes of handling and other works promptly, as soon as possible. The names of the equipment produced by the plant for forklifts:

  • loading technique FP-0,25 to tractor MTZ-622
  • Loading FP-0,75 for tractor MTZ-80/82
  • loading equipment FP-0,25 to tractor BELARUS-320

The production of loading and unloading equipment carried out by the company in compliance with technological norms and GOST standards allows us to guarantee its high quality and durability in a phased manner.