hinged equipment

The company produces modern agricultural attachments for various tractors and forklifts

Such units allow performing various construction works, as well as cleaning roads, streets and production areas. On the site in the catalog you can see the full list of necessary aggregates, which includes:

  • Additional equipment for minitractors
  • Attachments for loaders
  • Construction attachments

Also is engaged in the production of dumps. All products meet international requirements and norms, and also has a high operational resource. Our company sells aggregates for loaders, minitractors and dumps in Minsk and all over our country.

Technological and productive attachments for the tractor

Many tractor owners often look for ways to improve the performance of their vehicles. In addition to the transportation of goods, the tractor can perform construction and cleaning work. For this, various dumps, bulldozer and brush devices are used. The plant “Minskagroprommash” offers to buy additional equipment to the minitractor, which will expand the functionality, as well as reduce the downtime of such equipment. We sell additional equipment for the tractor, the price of which is below the market average. We offer favorable financial conditions when buying several units of equipment. For a more detailed calculation of the price of dumps and attachments for forklifts and tractors, contact the sales department.

Special hinged rigging for “Belarus”

Tractors “Belarus” enjoy wide popularity throughout the CIS, as well as various Asian and African countries. For “Belarus” additional hinged components consist of brush and dump systems. Such instruments allow us to diversify the number of tasks implemented by tractor technology. Attachments for the tractor “Belarus” differ in performance, size and functionality. You can buy dumps , drive and brush accessories. You can select and purchase additional equipment for the tractor through sales specialists, and contact us via direct phone number or via e-mail.