Industrial power saws PRT-3

This equipment is necessary for cutting meat products, in the production of primary processing of carcasses of pigs on carcasses. Chopping saws are specially designed for cutting bone material and are equipped with a serrated saw blade made of hard instrumental steel grades.

Design features of the saw PRT-3

Saw, is an electromechanical unit, equipped with an asynchronous motor power of 1100 watts. The engine is located on a special platform and is connected to the working mechanism of the pendulum stroke, with a working cut length of 58 mm. The device is equipped with special handles and controls. At the request of the customer, saws can be equipped with a protective cover. The unit is designed for operation in high humidity conditions and has adequate protection. The number of double revolutions of the saw blade is 920 rpm. The weight of the tool is 36 kilograms, the length is 1740 mm. The saw operates from 36 or 380 V depending on the specific modification. The working mechanism is equipped with a special system for rapid removal of the cutting element.

Features of the saw operation PRT-3

Operations should be carried out in protective clothing. During long, continuous work, it is necessary to switch off the tool for a while. This will allow the equipment to cool down and avoid burning the motor windings. The new tool should not be subjected to high loads, the saw must undergo a small running-in process.