Electric saws

Electric saws for cutting carcasses of animals are most often used in large-scale production – meat processing plants, in primary processing shops, where a large number of cattle are to be cut daily. At an hour, with the system functioning, the saws cope with more than 125 carcasses of the great cattle and cut at least 150 carcasses of pigs.

Electropil assortment for carcass cutting

On the site of the company, the catalog is provided with various electric saws for longitudinal cutting of the sternum of the BPH and the pigs on the carcass:

  • PRT-1 – a simple unit, with a degree of protection IP44, class three. The cutting of one carcass takes no more than half a minute;
  • PRT-2 – the device is equipped with an asynchronous AIR motor, 2.2 kW;
  • PRT-3 – copes with the cutting of the bones of the sternum of cattle, if necessary it is equipped with a protective mechanism, the motor is asynchronous.

Apparatuses differ in mechanism, size of parts, power, mass, dimensions, degree of protection. For ergonomic operation – the saws are equipped with comfortable handles. During the processing of livestock they are suspended on a rope made of steel, thrown through several strong blocks. Then the saw is balanced with a counterweight.

The mechanism of the electric saw consists of the main elements:

  • The electric motor;
  • Housing with crankshaft and linen on it;
  • Handles;
  • Protective device.

The organization JSC “ZAVOD MINSKAGROPROMMASH” is engaged in the production, supply, sale of power saws. To specify cost and to order the necessary device for carcasses cutting it is possible on a site or by phone.