We do not promise a record harvest, but we help prepare your land for them. We guarantee that the disc harrows purchased from us qualitatively take care of the soil in your fields before and after sowing works. WHERE TO BUY A GOOD DISK BORON? Minsk enterprise Minsk Plant Minskgroprommash produces and sells only high-quality communal and agricultural machinery. We also have a rather large assortment of disk harrows for tractors, which includes 14 positions of different modifications. We are ready to offer you: Hinged harrows; Trailed harrows; Ameliorative harrows. For more than 10 years, our disc harrows have been reliable assistants to farming in their hard work. Align and loosen the soil to ensure its uniform moistening. Successfully fight with weeds and stubbles. Not bad manifested themselves during the cleaning of the territory near the oil pipeline and power lines. The quality, reliability and price of the disc harrows of our production have won them popularity far beyond the borders of the Republic of Belarus. They are bought with pleasure by farmers in the Baltic countries. They process the fields of Russia and Ukraine. WHY DO WE BUY THE DISK BORONS? Our company was the first to master the production and begin assembling the attachments. We are constantly developing in this direction. We are developing new modifications of agricultural and communal attachments: Harrow DS-40 with rollers, BPM-5 “ZUBR” and BPD-9 “TOUR” have no analogues all over the world; Are ready to offer hinged, trailed meliorative with a working width from 1.7 m to 9 m; Our heavy harrows easily handle complex soil with wood residues and small stones; Our disk harrow is aggregated with tractors of different t-class. We know how hard the work of the agrarian is and in all possible ways we try to make it easier. In our catalog you will find only high-quality equipment. Affordable price will not force you to refuse from buying disk harrows made on conscience in our factory. We are always ready for cooperation!