Agricultural machinery is an extensive term that refers to machines that perform a variety of jobs and are involved in different processes. The catalog of agricultural equipment, which can be purchased at an affordable price from the manufacturer of the company OAO Plant Minskagroprommash, contains equipment, the main purpose of which is pre-sowing tillage.

The plant produces reliable disc harrows of different widths, equipped with rolls and without them. The range of products in the catalog allows you to pick up equipment for pumping out soil for use in large and small farms. An excellent solution for farmers will be mounted small-sized disc harrows. Large-scale agricultural enterprises are in demand for trailed and semi-trailed harrows.

The Minskagagroprommash plant catalog allows any farmer, depending on the specific uses and the nature of the soil, to pick up products that have different diameters of ground cutting disks, angle of attack and provide for different ways of attaching them to the frame.

The current catalog of ameliorative equipment contains the equipment necessary for the performance of such works as:

  • disc harrow “Zubr”, used to remove bushes and small plants,
  • disk hinged harrows of various dimensions with adjustable and unregulated angle of impact on the soil,
  • irreplaceable when leveling the drained lands of the scheduler, which is aggregated with a tractor of high class of capacity.

The use of agricultural equipment and equipment for the reclamation of production of our company will improve the efficiency of work and reduce costs. We offer reliable technology and beneficial terms of cooperation that will help your business become more profitable.