Some types of agricultural machinery need periodic replacement of cutting elements, such as knives for feed mills, rotary mowers and other mechanisms widely used for agriculture. The quality of the knives should be at the highest level, because their direct influence on various types of plant material depends on this. Functions of knives in the composition of different types of agricultural machinery Depending on the purpose of these or those aggregates available to the enterprises belonging to the agrarian sector, several types of cutting elements can be distinguished. Knives for feeders Such spare parts are intended for grinding various plant materials (freshly mown green mass, straw, hay, silage and root crops) for further mixing in the body of the feeder. Thanks to this method of preparation of the mixture and the absence of choice in front of the animals in the selection of individual ingredients, the intake of feed increases significantly, and therefore, it acts positively on milk yield or a set of live weight. Need knives for feed distributors to buy as soon as circumstances require. Timely replacement will not only help preserve the quality of the feed, but also prevent premature wear of the screw on which they are installed. Knives for rotary mowers Cutting elements in the composition of rotary mowers are designed for cutting stems of crops that go to the preparation of green mass or hay. Such details often have to be changed because of their strong collision with a stone, a piece of metal or other solid objects found in the area of ​​the agricultural implement. In addition, we can buy a knife to order for other types of machinery widely used in the agricultural sector of our country’s economy.